03 April 2015

Went to JCube, Westgate and JEM

Today I brought my wife to dine at The Manhattan Fish Market @ JCube, been wanting to try their dishes as it looks so yummy in the leaflet.

So I orderd the Fishy Chicky Bang Bang, my wife ordered the Curry Hill Seafood Slipper Lobster version, we also ordered a Volcano Mussels and a Oyster Roulette. For drinks I ordered a coke, my wife a chocolate milkshake. I really enjoyed the Oyster Roulette, it comes in 4 shot glass servings, each glass contains a whole piece of oyster with tangy chili sauce and a small slice of lemon, damn shiok, but it's quite expensive, 4 oysters for $7.95.

Overall the food is nice but servings are kind of small, the meal costed $66.53 including service charge and GST, not bad la, but damn noisy place and so crowded, maybe because today is a holiday.

I remember there used to be a Jurong Entertainment Park or Jurong Leisure Park, forgot the name, always have those ah bengs hanging around there. The building is gone now, I think it was a very long time ago.

Then just now I met my army friend, never see him for about 11 years, he is working in JCube, really reminds me of how much time has passed, when I look back, time really flies haha.

Next we went to Westgate in search of NTUC, finally found it at JEM instead, this NTUC damn big, so many things, see until blur, and JEM so damn packed, wah can fight with Tampines Mall or Clementi Mall, the crowd is just unbelievable.

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