16 May 2015

4 More Days to C-Section

Visited wife today and seems like she is doing fine, there is still blood in her urine but we have come to believe that it is not going to be a big problem, there is blood because she is on Heparin, she doesn't have any history of blood in urine so shouldn't be a big issue unless she really lose a lot of blood which obviously isn't the case.

Nurse also did a scan for baby everyday and baby is doing fine too, just now I was there when the nurse did the scan, she was using a mobile scanner to listen to baby's heartbeat, it was very clear and had good rhythm, not sure if that is the way to know if heartbeat is good but if it is beating uninterrupted I guess it is good, anyway nurse also say good.

While I was there, I also dropped by the patient services centre to grab a copy of the bill, so far the bill for 11 days of stay is:

C class room charge: $2200
C class daily treatment fee: $1133
Lab investigations: $953.70
Specialised investigation: $130
Treatment services: $782
Total: $5198.70
Government subisdy: -$2679.02
Payable: $2519.68
A&E: $108
Total payable: $2627.68

Good thing there is government subsidy or else have to pay $5k+, and good thing I choose C class.

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