29 May 2015

Baby Jaundice is now 229

Today wife, MIL and wife's cousin brought baby back to polyclinic for the check again, this time dropped to 229, tomorrow will need to check again, hopefully will continue to drop which means baby is more capable of getting rid of the bilirubin in her body.

Just now also went to OG at Chinatown to buy a baby stroller, damn strollers are expensive, the very basic type cost $60-$80+, more functionality more expensive, I bought one which can let baby sleep or sit, can switch handle bar to front, easy folding, lightweight, have a bottom slot to put stuff, it costed me $299, can carry baby up to 15KG, the saleswoman say can use to around 3 years old. There are also more expensive types which can cost $400-$500+, but those are very heavy, some seems to have less function, don't know why they are so expensive, maybe it's the material.

Anyway now have baby lifestyle changed quite a lot, sleep earlier, wake up earlier, wake up in middle of the night, go out have to think of how to transport the baby etc, if only two person life so much easier, but seems like my wife love the baby a lot, me too, but tiring.

Oh and today I sent out the form to apply for baby bonus, now waiting for the authorization letter to apply the CDA account. By the way need latest bank statement or page of bank book that shows name and account number.

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