21 May 2015

Got Baby's SG50 Birth Certificate and Good News

Today the nurse at my wife's ward passed me the Notification of Live Birth, I didn't register at NUH, went down to ICA instead because I thought since I also need to extend MIL and wife's cousin social visit pass might as well go do together. By the way NUH charge $40 for the birth registration, ICA charge $18. No need to wait too long because not many people register birth today. Just for info, birth registration is at level 3. The birth certificate looks awesome with a message from our PM.

Oh I also got the SG50 Baby Jubilee Gift box at ICA, they will ask you whether you want or not after the birth registration, at first I thought 5KG nothing la, when the girl brought out the box, wah so bulky, really regret taking it, might as well register online and they it send to me for free. But if you have car then ok. Everything seems useful except the medal, probably just keep the medal in my cupboard forever, I think a milk bottle will be much more useful. The baby clothes are very nice, wife likes it and kept smiling when she saw the set of clothes, so cartoon lol.

After that we went to level 4 visitor services centre, wah damn packed, the counter queue super long, inside so many people, I think they were trying to do extension too, wonder why so packed, something special happening in SG? I saw the crowd I u-turn and brought wife's family to golden mile to eat, at first they were happy but when they saw the prices there they said "peng", really peng lol, golden mile everything so expensive, but some authentic Thai products you can only buy there, unless you want authentic stuff then you go there, otherwise don't bother.

And good news is baby is finally out of the Neonatal ICU, baby is now staying at a normal ward which means she is doing fine, initially I was worried about her heart but she did well, what a great relief, hopefully the holes in her heart will mend by itself as she grows up. But I believe there is nothing serious, if there is problem I don't think she will be able to leave the NICU. Nurse said everything okay, can feed, can cry, just like any healthy baby, actually I can't see anything wrong with her, she looks so normal and healthy, really can't tell that she have 2 holes in her heart.

Wife also doing well, today she started to eat jelly, milk, fruit juice and porridge, tomorrow she can start to eat normal food, I choose Malay food for her, Malay food is nicer, Chinese food looks very bland, Western also looks bland. Tomorrow bring socks for her, also bought a manual breast pump ($99) and abdominal binder ($48.15) for her just now on nurse advise, after some research, found that the binder is very useful for recovery.

Anyway regarding baby bonus, seems like need wife's signature, probably do it when she has recovered.

What a long day, tomorrow then continue ;)

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