08 May 2015

Haha Wife Still in A Class Ward

This is the 3rd day she is staying in the A class ward, I wonder when she will transfer to C ward, lol, I kept thinking where got such good thing, I selected C they gave me A but still charge me C rates, unbelievable.

So today I took half-day leave to go for financial counselling, yesterday one nurse told me to come at 3.30pm and they will call the people to do the counselling with me. At 4pm, nobody came so I go find the clerk outside my wife's room, she told me to go to patient services centre, then the centre told me to go to women's clinic, then women's clinic told me I should go to clinic g, NB, what the hell, suddenly I feel like a football.

Finally at the clinic g a very nice lady went through the costs with me, c-section plus 3 days stay in C ward comes up to about $1280+, all can pay by Medisave and no need to pay deposit. The lady told me if choose higher class then maybe need to pay deposit, I also don't know how they calculate but usually C no need. It's much lower than I thought, my wife kept telling me c-section is $3K+, maybe her friend stay in higher class, it also depends on ward class because C is heavily subsidized by government.

And so far, one day C ward charges including everything seems to be around $200+ after subsidy, let's say $250 easier to count, if she stay 21 days then should be $5250, add the c-section I think maybe around $6K, all should be able to deduct from Medisave. Hope no complication so no need to stay in ICU.

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