25 May 2015

Lucky Can Get Extension

This morning I brought MIL and wife's cousin to ICA at around 8am+, also long queue at level 4 but lucky clear quite fast, I went to the same counter staff and told her this time I brought everything and she said MIL can but wife's cousin subject to approval, then she gave me a queue ticket. By the way I used back the same forms she gave me, filled it up so no need to fill again, just need to fill in the date, all signed.

So we went inside and waited for queue number, also quite fast, they have several counters so no need to wait so long. Finally our turn, I told the officer I wanted to extend MIL and wife's cousin visit pass, I introduced and said the cousin is MIL's sister's son lol, she said huh and told me MIL can but the cousin cannot, then I started to worry, she then asked whether they travel together and I said yes, she looked at the cousin, he is 15 years old, then she frowned and seemed to be thinking, and then I explained that my wife gave birth last week and need MIL to take care, then she said MIL enough why cousin, then I quickly repeat that they travel together, finally she said ok but the 30 days will start from today, I quickly said ok, phew.

In the end she extended their stay to 25 Jun, good, I think we were lucky if not I will have to send the cousin home, yes buy ticket and go with him to Bangkok and then come back, cannot let him go alone because if something happen to him it's my responsibility.

Anyway today wife didn't get to discharge, her INR reading yesterday was 2.3, today dropped to 1.9, shit, I think it's because of the food that my mother brought her yesterday, I told my mother and she checked and found that of the food she brought, broccoli and cauliflower have high vitamin K, this will interfere with the Warfarin, sigh, now have to stay one more day, don't know tomorrow can discharge or not, but baby is ready to go anytime, wife also but just that her INR reading is not within therapeutic range.

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