01 May 2015

My Mother-in-law and Wife's Cousin is Here

So this morning I took the 6.30am flight to Bangkok, woke up damn early to take taxi, from Commonwealth to Changi Airport the trip costed almost $30 lol.

So I reached Bangkok at around 9am Singapore time, met up with my MIL, cousin and relatives who came to send them off. We waited close to 4 hours for our flight home, nothing much to do but wait, too bad I cannot communicate in Thai or else I can chat with them. Anyway my wife bought in advance a Thai sim card at Golden Mile Complex, not sure how much she bought it for but she said very expensive compared to buying in Thailand, but it's useful, when I reached Bangkok I just slot in the SIM and top it up so I can call my wife. Actually can also buy there la, many shops selling.

After waiting, finally we are on our way home, don't know why but when I return to SG I feel very glad, especially when I see that welcome home message at the arrival checkpoint. We managed to get through the checkpoint without any problem, I told them they are my in-laws and we got through smoothly. By the way I didn't buy return tickets for them, the officer also never question or ask too much.

Things to take note:
  1. Try to check-in at the Thai airport and go inside early, as this is their first time, it might take some time, always good to have some buffer time.
  2. After you go inside, make sure to fill up the Thai departure and arrival card for them, the Thai departure officers will need them to fill up before they can go through.
  3. Since it's their first time travelling overseas, make sure they stay close, and better to hold on to their passports for them in case they lose it or drop the boarding pass or white card.
  4. While on the flight, remember to get the Singapore white card and fill it up for them.
  5. When arriving in Singapore, can go together with them to the arrival checkpoint, tell the officer you are all in a group, they are your relative and it should be fine.

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