23 May 2015

Super Long Queue at ICA

So yesterday MIL and wife's cousin social visit pass online extension got rejected, this morning I woke up at 6.30am and brought them to ICA. We reached there at about 7.30am, the security guard told everyone to queue up by the side entrance, they don't want people to crowd at the main entrance, end up the queue is ridiculously long, SG, PR, foreigners all one queue, can imagine how long, can fight with Hello Kitty queue, so instead of queuing, I brought them for breakfast at golden mile food centre, ate the Bak Chor Mee not bad.

After breakfast, at about 8.30am, we went back and the queue disappeared as expected, we went to the ticket counter at level 4, queue also long but at least clear quite fast, finally our turn and the counter staff told me to prove my relationship with my wife, I didn't bring my ROM cert so cannot prove, she also asked about the cousin, that one I really stunned, then she handed me two form 14 and said, "subjected to approval lor", NB, means no hope right, so after thinking for a while, I thought might as well go back and bring whatever document that I can use to prove the relationship, sigh, I only brought me and wife's IC, baby's birth cert and hospital bill showing not yet discharge, the website also never specify, but then again this is very basic stuff, how come I overlook, aiyoh. Since kena reject before better play safe, go back prepare thoroughly and try again, I think if reject 2nd is confirm gone case.

So maybe Monday or Tuesday will go back ICA again, so to my visitors, please bring along documents that can prove the relationship, I think birth cert is must have, for example to prove MIL relationship with wife, birth cert is the one, to prove my marriage with my wife, ROM cert, NB can't they check with ROM, wah lau, anyway just bring la, don't argue with them, 100% lose, at their mercy you can only do, not question.


makz said...

hi bro! congrats on your newborn! most likely your MIL can stay leh since your wife is already PR, can even apply LTVP for your MIL !

personally i have applied 89days visa and got approved for my MIL since my wife is only a LTVP PLUS holder.

Speaking from experience, having your wife's family member to take care her during the first few months after delivery is essential.

All the best and take care!

marrythaigirlsingapore said...

Hi Makz,


Yep my MIL can stay, luckily cousin also can but both only 30 days, better than nothing ;)

And having MIL around is very helpful indeed, lucky she can stay if not don't know how.