22 May 2015

This Guy Really Anti-Foreigner to the Max LOL

I really don't understand how some people can hate foreigners so much, even spouse of Singaporeans also hate lol. Well, life goes on, I can't stop them from being bitter all the time right ;)

By the way the forum is sgtalk, it's getting worse, too many negative people there, most discussions end up in mudslinging and moderator doesn't seem to bother, maybe they gave up lol, if me I also give up, I visit lesser nowadays. That's why forum is never a good place for discussion, at least not our local forums, if you see ang moh forums, it's much more serious, they can discuss topics maturely and you can mostly get your queries answered.


Anonymous said...

一种米养白种人。We are a country of immigrants. I bet those keyboard warriors won't be so daring if they have to reveal their full names and identities.

Congratulations to you on having a daughter! Heaven bless you & your family.

marrythaigirlsingapore said...

Yes I agree, if only these people can see beyond themselves, I'm sure their life would be much more fulfilling.

And thanks! Now then I know how much joy a baby can bring, it's just incredible!