20 May 2015

Wife C-Section Success!

This morning I woke up at around 6.45am, took taxi together with mother-in-law and wife's cousin to wife's ward. The c-section was scheduled at 10am, a nurse came at around 8+ and prepared my wife, showered and dressed her in the operating theatre clothes, we waited until about 10am before they started to move my wife to the OT. Oh by the way they told my wife to fast from 1am onwards, no food and water.

So we arrived at the OT, waited outside at the visitor's lounge, wife went in and the nurse told me they will call me when I can view the procedure. She also gave me a paper with my wife's patient code so I can track her progress from the screen inside the lounge.

I forgot how long we waited and finally someone from inside the OT called me and told me to go inside, she told me to change into the OT clothes and she will call me when it's my wife's turn, she also said they will try epidural, I got a shock because yesterday the anesthetist told me it would be general anaesthesia, anyway I said ok since if it is epidural I can go inside but if it is general then I cannot go inside. So I waited for a while, and then she told me my wife will be on general anaesthesia which means I can't go in, so I changed back to my clothes and went back to the lounge. But I'm very confident everything will be fine, I have confidence in NUH doctors.

At around 1pm or 1.30pm, they called me and said wife's c-section was complete, baby is fine, wife also fine, but I can't see wife yet, she called me again and told me to go to the neonatal ICU ward, I finally saw my baby girl, so pink and a bit slimy haha, the doctor said she cried loudly which is a good thing, the pediatric cardiologist also checked her and said she still have 2 holes in her heart but it is nothing serious, can wait until when baby is about 1 years old to fix it, other than that, baby is fine, weight is 2369 grams which they say is ok, but I think a bit small, maybe because my wife is small size, maybe, most important thing is baby is fine now.

After that we waited until about 3 or 4pm, really lost track of time, someone called me and said my wife is ok and will be moved to ICU for monitoring, so we went to her ward, I went in and finally saw her, she looks ok, just drowsy from the anaesthesia, but I think she is fine, I went in with a bottle of A&W cola and she asked me to let her drink. I called her cousin in, and later her mom, they talked for a while and I said to let her rest and we will come back tomorrow.

I'm glad everything is fine now, what a big relief! Tomorrow can go see the baby, a doctor just called me and said baby is fine and I can visit anytime, go see my baby haha.


Derek said...

congrates bro! happy for u! =)

SK said...

Big congrats to you & your family for the new addition to the family..

sim said...

Congrats bro. Cheers!

marrythaigirlsingapore said...

Thanks everyone! Feels great to be a daddy ;)