14 May 2015

Wife Got Injection and Drip

My wife told me a nurse gave her an injection on her thigh this morning and told her it is for her baby, she is supposed to get another injection 11 hours later, so when I visited, I asked the nurse about it, nurse told me it is meant to help the baby's lungs develop quickly. I did a search and seems like it is a very common thing to do, it is some sort of insurance in case the baby needs to be delivered earlier than planned, no side effects if only one course is administered.

Nurse also told me wife's blood pressure went down to 80+, so they put a drip on her to increase her blood pressure to 90+. But there is still blood in her urine, not sure if it is getting better or worse, still waiting for urologist findings, but overall her and baby seems to be doing fine. She also went for an ultrasound at the gynae, baby is 2.2KG, gynae says ok, google tells me normal range is 5.5 to 10 pounds, so seems to be okay, baby also doing ok.

So 6 more days to the c-section, please let her and baby be safe.

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