12 May 2015

Wife Had Blood in Urine (Now 35 Weeks)

Just now when I went to see her, she told me there is blood in her urine, she told me to go with her into the toilet, wow, it was all red, I also saw a piece of blood clot, so I informed the nurse about it. My wife told me it started this morning, she passed urine about 4-5 times today and every time was red. A doctor also noted this morning and the gynae is also aware, they sent my wife's urine for testing, now waiting for results.

I asked my wife if she was feeling pain anywhere, she said no, only back ache but it comes and goes and we don't think it is serious. I also felt baby moving and kicking several times since I was there, my wife also said baby was moving all the time so I guess baby is doing fine, but I'm very concerned about the blood in her urine.

I did some research and found that having blood in urine at third trimester is not a good sign, but fortunate thing is she is now in hospital, if anything urgent comes up, the hospital staff can help immediately. Another positive thing is she is now 35 weeks, if really need to deliver now, I think still quite safe, anyway her c-section is next Wednesday, just one more week, hope we can get through this week safely!

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