24 May 2015

Wife INR is 2.3

After the c-section on 20 May, they put her back on Warfarin, wife said they gave her 4mg per day, yesterday I saw that they gave a blue tablet, which means 3mg, and today I checked with the nurse in-charge, she told me wife's INR is at 2.3, very good, I think very high chances that she can be discharged tomorrow, but I think they will probably drag until around 3pm+, so in the morning I can bring MIL and wife's cousin to ICA to do the extension.

Hopefully tomorrow can get the extension, if MIL have to go back, wife say ok but I have to help, I think going to be very difficult, best is still have MIL to help out, if hire confinement nanny it will be very expensive, also don't think my wife want my mother to help.

Anyway today baby kena jaundice, I think didn't feed enough, so the nurse put baby under the light, told wife to feed and pump so baby have enough to eat.

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