07 May 2015

Wife Still in A Class Ward

Hmm, seems like not bad huh, I choose C class ended up they give her A class lol. I think still no bed, just now when I visited her, they said want to transfer her, in the end only change room, still same ward and same 2 bedder, nurse told me because one auntie just had operation, another going to operation so they don't want to put them together.

Anyway I asked for the bill, the bill indeed shows that my wife is being charged C class even though she is staying in A. But they still charged for the ER, I feel that I don't have to pay, then again wife get to enjoy A class so I should just keep quiet but principle tells me never to pay for what I don't need to pay so I politely asked them to explain to me why they charged me $108 for the ER when the nurse told me I won't be charged, if they can waive then great, if cannot also no big deal since my wife enjoyed A class for 2 days so really nothing much to complain about.

And tomorrow need to take half day leave, the staff wanted me to go for financial counselling, I think it's regarding the c-section, I wonder how much it will cost, like very scary, how come suddenly ask me to go for counselling, scared I cannot pay and run road or what lol. On a serious note, just go and see, I also want to understand more about the costs so I can prepare myself, but actually I have already set aside cash, anytime can use, hopefully don't need to use so much, can save of course save as much as possible, don't forget wife maybe need to go for valve replacement, baby also need to go for operation to fix her heart, sigh, but I hope baby will be born healthy, nothing is more important than health.

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