22 May 2015

Wife Still in ICU

Alamak, actually she is doing really well, now can eat normal food except food has to be soft like porridge, she also can sit on chair, think also can walk but they didn't let her try, these nurses really bo chup, they just wait for time to pass and handover to next shift, next shift also do the same, aiyoh these people really cannot make it, just now a nurse changed my wife's heparin and forgot to unlock the tubing and the liquid cannot flow in, the alarm went off so many times and the nurse also bo chup, finally I walked to the nurse and alerted her then she come, wah piang, ICU this kind of standard, I think patient die already they still don't know.

Negative shit aside, just now I finally got to hold baby in arms, wah skin so soft, so cute, eyes closed, I didn't know how to pick up the baby, the nurse showed me, I think I can carry baby all day, then nurse want me to put back I don't know how to put back lol, want to stay with baby more also cannot, now mother stuck in ICU, baby cannot go see, mother cannot come see, really bullshit, but the nurse very nice, she brought the baby to my wife's ward to let her see, but for very short time because the ward nurse manager don't want baby to get affected by the patients in ICU.

And also yesterday I tried to extend MIL and wife's cousin social visit pass online but today I checked got rejected, NB, tomorrow have to bring them to ICA, I think in future better to just bring to ICA, extend online I think low chances, at least if bring them I can explain, you do it online only submit, cannot say anything.

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