06 May 2015

Wife Temporarily Warded at NUH Kent Ridge Wing Class A

This morning a doctor from the ER called at around 6.30am to inform that there is still no ward and my wife might have to stay in the ER for about 3 more hours. Then my wife called at about 8am to tell me she has been moved to a 2 bedder at Kent Ridge Wing, I was shocked since 2 bedder is class A, yesterday I asked for class C, the price difference is significant, even more so for a PR so I quickly called to check.

Damn bad luck, NUH website was down so I can't find any information, I called the appointment line instead and the very helpful staff helped me to confirm my wife's location, she gave me the direct number to the ward, so I called them. The ward staff told me that my wife will still be charged under C class because there is no bed available, so they put her in the 2 bedder temporarily until our requested ward class is available. Phew, my wife is supposed to stay there for 21 days, if stay in class A will be damn expensive, think will even burn out my Medisave.

So later I will bring her mom and cousin to eat first and then go visit my wife. Yesterday my wife was crying because we were not allowed into the ER, anyway the ER is like a warzone, so much activity so many people, there was a bunch of relatives waiting outside, I wonder how anyone can rest there, and worst part is nobody can enter, but the nice staff did allow one of us to stay with my wife but in the end she declined and told us to come back tomorrow. Sigh, stay hospital really not good, home still the best.

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