18 May 2015

Wife's Urine is Now Yellow

Now I am pretty sure the reason why blood was in her urine was because of the IV Heparin, now that they reduced the dosage from 17+ to 15+, her urine started to become normal yellowish colour, they also did a kidney xray for her, don't think they detected anything, I was quite worried about the xray but actually nothing much to worry about if the person doing the scan knows she is pregnant, they will be more careful such that they don't scan the foetus.

But now I have another thing to worry about, recently wife started to develop a cough, today was quite serious when I visited, must be she shared utensils with her cousin, I think pregnant women should never share anything with anyone, it's just 2 days to her c-section and she has a serious cough, I hope it doesn't develop into something more serious, sigh, one thing over another thing come, never-ending worries.

Hope everything goes well, just 2 more days, please let us get through this safely.

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