13 May 2015

Wife's Urine Still have Blood

So it has been 2 days since blood appeared in her urine, when I visited her just now there's still blood, doesn't seem to be getting better, at least it's not getting worse, I think the colour is the same as what I saw yesterday, maybe yesterday was a bit darker.

Today I tried to contact her cardiologist but didn't manage to get him, the duty doctor called me up and said the gynae doesn't think it is serious problem, can't remember exactly what else the doctor said but generally he was saying it's not serious to the extent that they have to do something, they did send my wife's urine/blood sample for testing, he thinks might be some sort of infection or some other non-pregnancy related problem, he also called in a urologist.

So just now I spoke to the urologist, he was at my wife's ward, he saw my wife's bloodied urine and he thinks it is mild, he was asking if my wife had any kidney stone previously, or backache, or urinary infection prior to pregnancy or when she was younger, wife said no, he doesn't think it is very serious to need anything to be done, he also said to wait for the urine/blood test result. He also told my wife to drink more water, it will probably clear off by itself.

My mother-in-law stayed with my wife tonight, she is sleeping over at the hospital, I have to work or else I can stay with her, sigh, hopefully all goes well, this pregnancy really not easy, so stressful. Right now can't tell why there is blood, but overall she is doing fine, baby has heartbeat, guess we can only wait and see, hope can maintain until next Wednesday for the c-section.

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