27 June 2015

Baby Jaundice Up Again

Today went to polyclinic, baby supposed to get her Hepatitis B Dose 2 but her jaundice is 222 so nurse say cannot give, she say must be below 100 then can give. So Monday need to go back again, doctor also cannot find anything wrong, liver test everything normal, I am guessing it's breast milk jaundice, I did some research online and found that it should go away be 12th weeks, but need to follow-up closely to ensure the jaundice level doesn't go too high, if too high then probably have to go hospital again.

Overall baby is well, she is also gaining weight, 3 days ago she was 3KG, today she is 3.1KG, that means she is feeding well. She is also getting stronger, her kicks are now stronger and she seems to have more control over her neck and hands.

But breastfeeding really not easy, for baby's case, wife have to feed 2-3 times every hour, but there are some sleep times where baby will sleep for a few hours so that is good chance for breaks, it's hard to determine when she will sleep so it's difficult also. People suggest pumping out milk and store in fridge, I don't think it will help much because when baby needs to feed, you have to wake up anyway, might as well just feed from breast no need to get warm up the milk, even if go out, the milk also cannot keep too long, especially in SG hot weather, the milk will probably turn sour in less than 2 hours, so again, might as well feed from breast, it's as fresh as it can get.

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