20 June 2015

Good Dinner at Yum Cha Chinatown

Just now me and family went to Yum Cha Chinatown, total 7 adults, 2 kids, 1 teen and my baby, the bill came to $471.30 including GST and service charge, really eat until super full, I think order too much, in the end my sister's family probably managed to finish the rest as me, wife, baby, MIL and wife's cousin left early because baby tired.

I ordered 10 of those Guan Tang Jiao, this one damn good, the soup is really power, one serving is quite big, actually can just order 5 and share. One serving is $8.80.

Also ordered a chilli crab, I think it's a really huge crab, also ordered 10 Man Tou (10 pieces for $10), I think just the crab and Man Tou can eat until full already. The crab is $86.40, I think it's charged by the weight. I don't eat crab so I don't know whether it's good or not, but I guess it's good since in the end family ate finish.

Then there is the Peking Duck, I don't find it nice, they cut the skin and wrapped with some sort of yellow skin, kind of oily, and the leftover meat we asked to be cooked with fried rice, can also choose fried noodles. This duck $58, really not worth it, so oily, I rather go to Chinatown Complex and eat the duck there, much more fragrant, satisfying and cheaper.

There is also the Salted Egg Yolk Prawn, I think this is the most popular dish tonight, family loved it, medium is $34, worth it.

Also have a Sambal Kang Kong, this one my mother say very good, medium plate for $18, I also find it nice.

Another less popular dish is the Seven Taste Fried Tofu, it's some special fried tofu with seafood paste, one medium dish is $24, family don't seem to like this, I find it ok but kind of oily.

Then we also ordered some dim sum, 5 sets of fried popiah, 4 sets of mango prawn fritters, 4 sets of chicken feet, now that I think of it kind of scary, really so much food.

Oh yeah, actually we wanted to eat dim sum but at dinner time they don't have the carts going around, it's more of an ala carte style at night, and they don't have the Liu Sha Pao so I was quite disappointed, and the dim sum menu at night is significantly lesser, so if you want to eat dim sum, better go in the day, if you want Tze Char style, then you can go at night.

Overall I think the meal is not expensive considering the amount of food we had, really eat until feel like vomiting, so the price tag not expensive, but have to think carefully before ordering best is ask the waitress to advise, lucky just now the waitress stopped me from ordering all large if not really cannot eat finish, I ordered a large prawn and she was shocked, she suggest medium instead, all medium haha, heng ah.

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