17 June 2015

Got a Good Bonus, Increment and Promotion

Finally I got my second promotion after 4 years in the company, first one was when I submitted my degree, my pay that time increased by about 29.5%, this time my pay increased by about 14.1%, way better than I expected, I was expecting around 4-5%.

As for bonus, I got around 3.43 months, also way above my expectation, was expecting around 3.

I certainly feel great now, my boss even called me to congratulate me, he said double happiness since my baby was born last month, but of course he would have already known since he was the one who recommended me by giving me high rating.

Personally I feel that my wife and baby brings me success and good luck, my life certainly improved significantly after marrying my wife, initially was tough of course, that time was earning $2200, still have to pay study loan of $268 a month, but it all got better afterwards, now my pay will be increased to $4500, it may not seem much to some people but with this pay I think I can give my wife and baby a comfortable life.

I'm really thankful for what I have now and will continue to work hard for what I want, I believe if one is willing to make sacrifices, one will be rewarded. Now I'm glad I always take up the shit that nobody want to do, actually also not that bad, learned a lot of new things in the process, at least I won't be doing the same thing for years, because I'm willing to take up new roles, my boss is very willing to put me on new projects, this is invaluable, if my boss only put me at one place doing the same thing year after year, then I really should be worried.


Anonymous said...

We readers are happy for you and your family! 恭喜恭喜!

Derek said...

Huat ah!!! =)

marrythaigirlsingapore said...


Anonymous said...

Congrats!! Happy for you bro, have been reading your blog. Must say really glad for you :D Jiayou!

marrythaigirlsingapore said...

Thanks! Will definitely work harder!