23 June 2015

MIL and Wife's Cousin Leaving Soon

They will be leaving the day after tomorrow so today I went and bought some Bak Gua for them. I bought 1KG of Lim Chee Guan ($50) and 1KG of Fragrance ($40), two different brands for them to try but personally I prefer the latter because it's softer, and cheaper lol.

I also changed 4000 Thai Baht for them, the exchange rate was 1SGD to 24.93THB, also saw that 1SGD is 2.80 Ringgit, lol drop until so low, I think 3 Ringgit coming soon, the Malaysian government also don't seem to bother much so 3 Ringgit very possible, luckily I'm not Malaysian, heard some many negative stories about the country from my Malaysian colleagues, if me I quickly get PR here and never return.

Anyway I also intend to give MIL $100 SGD for them to buy something on the plane home, if never use then they can change to Thai Baht at Thailand airport. Initially wanted to give a $1000 Ang Pao but MIL don't want, and I thought $1K is very little already, considering she cleaned my house, washed my clothes, take care of baby and etc during these 2 months, if she ask for $2K I also give.

Then I thought must at least give something for them to go home la, how can come here and return empty handed right, give too much she don't want, give little she accept lol, so strange for me, if my mother is the other way round, $2K also not enough, I really find that people here very money-minded, even family also the same, but Thais especially people like my wife's family, they are so different, family is number one to them, in SG money is number one.

Today MIL went to buy a little gold bracelet for baby, heard from wife is $230, about 3grams+, damn expensive, don't understand why they like to buy gold accessories, the moment you buy you lose money already, that is definitely one of the worst ways to invest in gold, but then to them it's more aesthetics, but gold is so old-fashioned, whatever anyway I'm not the one paying and it's for baby.

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