15 June 2015

Seen Paediatric Cardiologist Today

Went to NUH Clinic A, the nurse weighed baby and came to 2706 grams (or 2702, didn't see the last number clearly), birth weight was 2369, about 14% increase over 26 days, I think it is not bad but the doctor said she is underweight, she encouraged us to help baby gain more weight, at least 700 grams over the next 1 month.

I think probably because baby didn't eat enough, so I asked doctor if I can buy formula to supplement breastfeeding and she said ok, she also prescribed multivitamin and iron drops. The vitamin and iron drops only $1.40, I was quite surprised how come so cheap, then I see the bill total price is $20.79 less $19.39 subsidized by government, seems like baby medications are heavily subsidized, that's like 93% subsidized.

So just now I went to the NTUC at Medical Centre and bought the Enfamil A+ Stage 1, it's the same brand as the one they use when baby was warded so I think she can accept it, 900 gram tin for $59.10, baby milk powder so expensive, seems like newborn milk powder is much more expensive, those for older babies are slightly cheaper.

And today only see doctor for consultation, $33, no charge for echo since it is simple scan. Overall baby seems to be doing fine, just need to eat more.

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