19 June 2015

Tomorrow Baby Full Month!

Actually I don't know why the full month is such a big deal, my parents think that it is very important, for me it's just another day, if I get to choose I probably won't bother with any celebration, maybe just a good meal at a restaurant will do, to me most important thing is wife and baby are healthy.

Initially my mother wanted those catering buffet, I said can but I don't want to collect ang pao, people come just eat and share happiness, mother say if I don't want then she collect, then I said no, where got such thing, I hold buffet she collect ang pao then later people full month I have to go give back ang pao, what a hassle, really don't understand this ang pao thing but I believe there is no such thing as take for free, people give me I have to give back, then even more pointless, see how pointless it is.

In the end I booked a table at Yum Cha Chinatown, yeah love the food there, really looking forward to going there, so just eat, finish I swipe card and go home, no need to think so much, cannot eat finish or eat not enough want to da bao home also can, my role is to pay money and that's it, I find this very much easier, if catering wah have to see how many people to invite, who can come, who cannot come, can eat finish or not, cannot eat finish how, enough or not, compare menu bla bla bla, aiyoh so troublesome, and catering food mostly sucks, last time I used to work with different caterers so I know the standard.

Anyway so far baby is doing great, seems to be gaining weight steadily, every time I see her she seems to get bigger, and she seems to be more hungry nowadays, guess she is growing up, wife also doing great, recovering well, but breastfeeding is so tiring for her, have to wake up so many times at night to feed, I also have to wake up together, really shag.

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