07 June 2015

Utilities Bill $86.42

This is for period of 05 May to 03 Jun.

My MIL and wife's cousin came on 01 May, baby came home on 26 May, wife was hospitalized from 05 May to 26 May though, but somehow the bill isn't as high as I think it would be lol, I was expecting $200-$300, no idea how come it's so low, the last bill was $77.77, by the way I checked there is no rebate, it's the full billing.

Just on Friday I spoken to one of my co-workers, his bill is usually $200+, sometimes $300+, he have 6 children so total 8 people in his household, I guess more children will use more water and electricity, maybe children don't yet understand how precious these resources are.

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