21 June 2015

Went to Sentosa, Merlion Park and MBS

Next Wednesday MIL and wife's cousin is going back to Thailand, so this morning wife said to bring them around and she said Sentosa and the casino. So we took a taxi to the casino at the basement, they didn't go in because they are not in the dress code, so ended up they took some pictures outside, me and wife don't want to go in because have to pay $100 each, no point since we don't gamble, but I saw so many Chinese, they come in tour group lol.

Next we went upstairs, I was very impressed with the environment, it's so beautiful, the view is magnificent, if go behind the Sea Aquarium can even see cruise ship, the cruise ship is massive. Today I was really impressed, it's my 4th time to Sentosa, first time was very long ago when I was still in primary school, next two times was company dinner and dance but I didn't tour at all, just ate and go home.

Sentosa is really a very nice place but it is obviously a tourist trap, one can of coke or the small bottle minute maid orange selling for $3.50 each, the Reese chocolate two small packs for $15, one packet of soft candy $9 lol, but well, since we are there no point being so stingy, just buy whatever they want to buy I just keep quiet. Wife's cousin wanted to go to Universal Studios, wife asked me to check pricing, one adult is $74, children under 4 years old is free, wife said don't want so expensive, actually I'm okay since I am prepared to spend, if go Sentosa not prepared to spend then might as well not go, then I said how about buy ticket for him to go in we wait outside, end up he don't want.

But lucky never go in, I just checked online can buy the ticket for almost half the price at Qoo10, or buy online at the offical website is $68, no matter what buy online is cheaper, actually all the tickets if buy online sure cheaper, just that this morning wife suddenly say want to go so I didn't prepare at all, go this kind of places better to buy ticket in advance, if go there buy at counter will be more expensive.

Then we took taxi to go Merlion Park, wife's cousin said he wanted to see, actually for me is nothing much, it's just a statue spewing water, but the view there is magnificent, even our foreign workers also gather there. Next we wanted to walk to the Singapore Flyer, wife said she want to try, then I saw my army friend, he works there and he gave me FOC tickets for the river cruise, one ticket is $24, I said don't want la but he said it's ok so end up I took it, well same things la, if I have freebie I will also give him, army friend friend no need to talk about money, just like old times, you cover my ass I cover yours haha. But the river cruise kind of boring, it's just slow cruise along Singapore river, really nothing fantastic, but just enjoy the breeze, see the beautiful buildings and view.

We then disembarked at the MBS area, we walked to Gardens by the Bay, I remember my colleague told me have to pay $5, but they didn't collect, I think it's open to all, the garden is so beautiful, at this point I thought to myself, wow how come I didn't come to see all these beautiful places, Sentosa, Merlion Park, Gardens by the Bay, got the world class feeling. Then I saw the interior of MBS hotel for the first time, I mean I've seen it on Youtube but to see it in person, wow, really different, someday I will book a room there and sleep for a night haha.

Overall I enjoyed the trip today, didn't spend as much as I prepared for, this morning I withdraw $300, plus the $150 I have total I have $450 cash, end up only using less than $100 for taxis, swipe card probably less than $150. And thanks to my friend for the free cruise, that one saved me $24x4=$96.

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