13 June 2015

Went to Yum Cha Chinatown

Brought MIL, wife's cousin, baby and wife to Yum Cha, food there is great as I remember it, this was my second time there, first time was with company.

Still not used to the system, usually we sit down, get a menu and order food, it is different there, you sit down, they ask you what tea you want, they have so many types of tea and I heard Pu Er, Long Jing and Xiang Pian out of the many types of tea the waitress said in quick succession, so I ordered a pot of Xiang Pian ($3.60, 2 quantity, think it's 2 teabags or something).

So instead of getting a menu, they will give you an order sheet, it's to keep track of what we have ordered and then they have push carts going around, for steamed food, for fried food, for Pau, for Cheong Fan, porridge and etc. Once you selected your items from the carts, the person in charge of the cart will note down in your order sheet whatever you ordered.

All are great but what really captured my attention was the You Tiao with Mango and Prawn, really power, another is the Custard Pau, or they call it Liu Sha Bao, this one also damn power. In total we ordered 21 dishes, of which one is a Shark's Fin soup ($12), MIL and wife's cousin loved it.

By the way they charge for the wet tissue and peanuts, tissue is $0.30 each, peanuts is $2 a small plate.

Final bill came to $126.10 including GST and service charge, I think it's a little pricy but food is great, every dish except the Paper Wrapped Chicken is great, they put slices of ginger inside, the ginger overpowered the fragrance of the chicken. But overall the standard of the food is really good, I think it's the best dim sum I've ever had. Oh, there are some other dishes that I didn't order, Siew Mai and the crispy yam ball, definitely must go back and try.

Service-wise I think ok la, the staff there don't smile much, but service is prompt, clearing of plates also fast, that's most important.


derek said...

the place is call yum cha?

marrythaigirlsingapore said...

Yeah, great food!