08 June 2015

Wife Running Fever Since Saturday

By the time we realized it, clinics have already closed on Saturday, they only open in the morning on Saturdays, so wife ate paracetamol, it helped to reduce the fever but it won't go away. It got worse on Sunday, her underarm temperature reached 40.7 degrees, but clinics were closed on Sunday, wanted to bring her to A&E but she refused for fear of getting hospitalized again, MIL blamed it on the longan and red date drink that I bought for her but I don't think that is the cause, I think it's more to do with infection, that's why she have a fever, it's how the body deal with infection.

So today I checked her temperature and it was 39.8, brought her to Queenstown polyclinic, they gave her a priority queue number so didn't have to wait very long. The doctor examined her and doesn't think there is infection, told us to come back 2 days later, I asked whether he can give any antibiotics, in the end he ordered a blood test, he said to wait 1 hour and I said ok. After the test, we waited for him to call, test result shows bacteria infection, doctor prescribed 10 tablets of Fleming Amoxicillin and Potassium Clavulanate  500mg/125mg, eat twice daily after food, my wife ate one and seems to feel so much better.

Her bill comes up to:
  • $21 for consultation.
  • $8.40 for blood test.
  • $1.95 for medication.
  • Total $31.35.
If without government subsidy, it would be $53.90 including GST, really helped a lot.

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