04 July 2015

Baby Jaundice 234

This morning brought baby to polyclinic to check her jaundice, they did 2 tests for her, one can get the results now the other they have to send to SGH. So the normal test shows 234, doctor is wondering why it didn't go down since baby is now one and a half month old, but I think it's because of breastfeeding, my wife is exclusively breastfeeding, no formula, I read on the internet this is is called breast milk jaundice and it should go away by 12 weeks, hope so.

Actually 200+ is nothing serious la, provided baby is healthy, but doctor is concerned so he referred baby to NUH paediatric gastro department to check her liver, he want to make sure baby liver is okay, I think while baby was in NUH, they probably tested it already but no harm testing again.

And today they weigh baby at 3.4KG, wow grow so fast, just last week was 3.1KG, seems like one week she can grow 300grams, another 3 months she will be heavy to carry lol.

Anyway after the consultation, we went to eat at Fish & Co. at Clementi Mall, the food damn nice, I tried the London Fish & Chips, really power, wife's Prawn Fettuccini also power, so many big prawns, serving not as small as we thought, only the fish a bit small but still delicious. Also ordered a Grilled Peri-Peri Chicken with Scallops, damn nice, the chilli on the chicken is very local flavour, I love it. Only regret is ordering an oxygenated water lol, after ordering then they ask me whether we want warm or cold water, the oxygenated water is $2.50, it's just water, might as well get the free cold water. So total bill is $72.21, posb everyday card can get $10 voucher, their service also very fast and friendly, all the young boys and girls. I find Fish & Co. food better than the Manhattan Fish Market.

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