07 July 2015

Brought Baby to NUH Clinic A Annex

Today bring her to see the paediatrician, he did some physical checks and said baby seems fine, most probably the jaundice is breast milk jaundice and he offered two options, one is to stop breastfeed for a week and put baby on formula, if jaundice goes away, then can confirm it's caused by mother's milk, the other way is to continue breastfeed but have to closely monitor, wife wanted the latter option so we have to go back again in two weeks time.

Doctor also ordered a liver function test and a urine test, the liver function test have to extract blood, just now baby was crying profusely, cry until no strength, the nurses had difficulty extracting blood from her hand so they tried her feet and finally they managed to get the blood, but it's so traumatizing for baby, hopefully don't have to do it again, at least not in front of us, they did the test before when she was hospitalized for jaundice, I think that time she also cried so hard. But what needs to be done has to be done, better to let them do their job. Anyway that time the test result came back ok, baby's liver at that time was ok, doctor just wanted to be sure so he ordered the test again.

I think baby's fine, we asked doctor why sometimes she cries inconsolably, doctor said could be colic, it's something that we will need to endure, no medicine for it, have to be patient, actually when baby breastfeed it's not that bad, most of the times she can be calmed when wife breastfeed her, but sometimes she just keeps crying for a while longer than usual, eventually when she's tired she will sleep, I think she likes wife more than me, when I carry her she will cry more often lol.

Caring for baby really not easy.

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