13 July 2015

Ginger Tea, Cause of Baby's Jaundice

Today we went to see the paediatrician and also did a few tests, this time the test results improved, even jaundice also dropped to 200, this one whole week wife didn't take the ginger tea as instructed by the doctor last week, so I'm pretty sure the cause is the ginger. As she is breastfeeding, whatever she eats gets passed to baby, so the ginger also passed to baby.

At first doctor thought it might be due to liver blockage but after examining baby physically and looking at the results, everything seems normal, doctor also thought might be due to red blood cells damage but physically doesn't seem to be the case. Later she will call me when she get the full blood count result.

The doctor also said fully breastfed baby can have jaundice that lasts longer than usual, so I'm not worried. The only thing that I'm worried is when they need to draw blood for the tests, baby will cry until like so painful, so heartache but I tell myself it's something that has to be done so I don't want to get in the way of the professionals, I trust the nurses and doctors at NUH, just let them do their job, of course we have to protect our children but being over-reacting is not going to be helpful.

Seriously which father or mother doesn't feel like they have to do something when they hear their baby cry until so pitiful, but think rationally, the nurses and doctors are just doing their job, I'm sure harming the baby is not part of their job.

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