28 July 2015

ISIS In Singapore

Just read about this story where one of our youths were planning to go support ISIS in Syria, and if that was not successful, he was thinking of attacking our key facilities and assassinate our country's leaders, and if he was unable to carry out the bigger plans, he intended to attack people in public with knives, like the China and Taiwan cases, so as to strike fear in our society.

Religion can really twist a person's mind if abused, a Singaporean want to attack Singapore, can you imagine that, must lock him away indefinitely, and any such people, they are harmful to our society and radical thinking must never be allowed to breed here. I hope people realize how fortunate we are in Singapore, how everything here is so precious and didn't come by easy, and we must do our best to protect it not just for ourselves, but also for future generations.

Don't just say no to terrorism, take action, report it, who knows you might just save a lot of lives.

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