20 July 2015

Low Yat Plaza Incident

I heard about the Low Yat Plaza incident from my Malaysian colleague, he told me some thugs stole a phone from one of the shops in the plaza, a Lenovo phone, after that the staff at one of the shops named Oppo was alerted and they tried to stop the thugs, then after that the thugs brought friends back to take revenge, then next day a mob gathered and smashed everything they see and beat up people.

I went online and saw a different version of the story, supporters of the so-called thugs said the shop scammed them and they were the victims instead, but in the end the a video surfaced to show that the theft did happened.

These two days seems like a lot of the story was removed from sites, I think the Malaysian government is trying to keep things from going out of hand, it is after all a very sensitive issue, but those people who got beaten up, their cars smashed, this made me realize how safe we are in Singapore, yeah we had the Little India Riot not too long ago but that one is more of a few drunkards causing trouble, no far-reaching impact, this Low Yat incident if not handled properly can lead to further divide in the Malaysian society.

Looking at ourselves, I guess our society is much more united, sometimes I feel so lucky just to be born here, our Malaysian friends are much less fortunate, yes they have bigger land, but we have safer land.


mr lee said...

But a wise man once said "If you give up freedom for safety, you deserve neither"

marrythaigirlsingapore said...

I guess the thugs have too much freedom, that is not the kind of freedom I want to see, law enforcers should be tough, but if too tough then it looks like people are being oppressed, so it's really difficult to find a balance, especially when there are troublemakers bent on playing with the law.