26 July 2015

Nose Cleaner, Bulb Versus Tube

About two weeks ago my wife was complaining about the mucus in baby's nose, she used cotton sticks to clean baby's nose but deep inside cannot reach, we know there is something deep inside because when baby breathes, sounds like there is blockage and seems as if she has difficulty breathing but actually it's not as bad as we thought, most important is baby can feed well.

Anyway we bought the bulb type of nose cleaner, the brand is Tollyjoy, one piece for $4.10 at NTUC Fairprice, this one cannot clean the mucus deep inside because the suction is very weak, you have to press and release to generate suction, and the bulb is so small so it is impossible to generate a powerful suction. I think the only good thing about this is small and easy to keep, and good for cleaning those visible mucus, but that can be done by using cotton sticks so really no point.

So today we bought the tube type, brand is Pigeon, one piece is $6.90, damn worth the money, should have bought this instead of the bulb type, that one really waste of money. The tube type looks like this and it is a must-have for every parent:

Pigeon Nose Cleaner (Tube Type)

It even comes with a small container, can easily bring everywhere.

How it works is you put the part that looks like a ball into baby's nose, push in fully to ensure no air leakage, then use your mouth and suck, how powerful the suction depends on how hard you can suck, the end of the tube is where you put your mouth, don't worry, the mucus will not flow into your mouth.

And before you use this thing on baby, make sure you drip one or two drops of saline into baby's nose, this is to loosen the mucus and make it easier to extract. I think you can get saline drops from most pharmacy, mine was purchased at NUH pharmacy, very cheap, 2 bottles for $1++, original price was $2++.

Nothing speaks louder than result:

Mucus Extracted

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