07 July 2015

Penang Street @ NUH Again

Last week we went to eat at Penang Street, today we went again but today was quite a disappointment. I ordered their Roti Canai guess what they gave me, two instant pratas and a small bowl of curry sauce with 2 small pieces of potatoes inside, like that also can. Other than that, we also ordered marmite squid which is not bad, fried carrot cake not as good as I thought, our local version definitely better, wife ate char kway teow, but I still don't understand how come they serve instant prata, is that how roti canai is supposed to be? I don't think I ate roti canai before but from what my friends told me, roti canai is the same thing as our roti prata, which I presume should be handmade.

And I am definitely not mistaken, I am a prata lover, instant prata tastes completely different from handmade pratas, also look very different, although you can try to squash it like the indian chefs do but taste and texture can never be mistaken, by the way today they served unsquashed so I immediately can tell it's instant prata. A restaurant that charges gst and service charge serves instant prata, can you believe it? Don't think I will go back again. Now that I think of it, the curry tastes like the Yeo's prata curry sauce! Don't tell me the curry sauce also instant!

Another sucky item is their iced kopi, tasted bland, the $1.30 iced kopi I drink at Chinatown Complex tastes way better.

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