24 July 2015

PETPET Diapers Sucks

Recently we saw this brand of diapers at NTUC, damn cheap, bought 2x32s packs for $9.95, it's small size for up to 7KG, newborn also same price, I thought cheap can try but compared to MamyPoko really huge difference.

This PETPET always leak, especially in the night, always leak on the bed sheet, damn jia lat, the Mamy brand can last one whole night if only pee and no poo, poo have to change because smelly but actually still can hold, this PETPET pee or poo all leak!

MamyPoko is about 2x the price, but trying to save and bring inconvenience is not worth it, better stick to the proven brand, anyway baby is now larger, have to buy bigger, the newborn size can hardly fit now.


Anonymous said...

my son is still using pet pet, i guess you should try use day time for day time uses and Petpet night for night time uses.

my son is 4 now and only uses petpet night time for sleeping.

marrythaigirlsingapore said...

Thanks for sharing, but I find that it leaks too much, or maybe we didn't put it on properly? Anyway now we are trying Drypers, but still like MamyPoko more because it's wider so no need to worry about not putting on properly.