25 July 2015

Sheng Siong Selling MamyPoko $10.95

Just now saw two types, one is with the tape the other is like a short, no need to tape just wear, both selling for $10.95 each, one pack I think 50 or 60 pieces, wanted to buy but didn't because don't know good or not, I had a bad experience with cheap diapers recently so this time we bought back the same brand with same manufacturing location i.e. Thailand.

This $10.95 even though also MamyPoko but it's made in Indonesia, so cheap, how can they sell until so cheap, must be something wrong, good material where got so cheap, must be using lousy material that's why can sell at low price, this kind of money cannot save, no point giving myself more trouble just to save that few dollars. The good MamyPoko still the best, very absorbent and lasting, I bought the 3-8KG pack for $19.95, inside have 68 pieces.


sim said...

Bro, go to http://www.qoo10.sg or use their app. There are sellers selling baby diapers(cheaper) in bulk orders. Though some have delivery charge, but its still cheaper than supermart. I bought Mamypoko from there.

marrythaigirlsingapore said...

Oh yeah, totally forgot about qoo10, thanks for the tip.