30 August 2015

Sealed My Rubbish Chute

I have stayed in my flat for slightly more than a year, recently the cockroach attacks have become more frequent and more irritating. Earlier this week my right cheek and right butt got bitten by a cockroach, it crawled onto my bed when I was sleeping, probably bit my face and butt first before moving to my neck, so when I felt something ticklish, I woke up and slapped my neck hard, I then went to open the lights, the ugly creature dropped dead to the floor, it was probably hanging onto my shirt. Then the following days I noticed red itchy spots on my cheek, same goes for my butt, it was so damn itchy. Those spots on my cheeks are gone now, but those on my butt is still there and is still itchy.

This is not the first time a cockroach invaded our sleeping area, my wife encountered once when she was sleeping, she felt something moving on her palm, she woke up and found a cockroach, I think that was before our baby arrived, so that should be quite a while back.

And yesterday night was the last straw, that little bastard moved into baby's sleeping area, my wife was breastfeeding and had she not notice, that bastard might have bitten our precious one, this is atrocious, I know I must do something more.

So yesterday night I didn't sleep much, I stayed awoke until 5am, went for a run, all the while thinking of how best to deal with this situation, I know baits don't work, it will stop them for a while but eventually they come back. Spray is on demand, they have to appear before you can get them so it's kind of pointless, anyway it doesn't destroy the nest which is the root cause, but then, how is it even possible to destroy the nest, they come from the rubbish chute. Then I got the idea, since they come from the rubbish chute, how about I seal it off lol, and so I did.

In the midst of sealing the chute, I swept out 4 or 5 dead cockroaches, they must have ate the baits and died there, the smell coming from the chute when I opened it was so bad I had to put on a mask, even with a mask the smelling was still very bad, so I held my breath and used plenty of tapes to seal it off. I also called my father and told him about the infestation, he said he will drop by later with a custom-made box and silicone to seal it off.

Now you might be wondering how we are going to throw our rubbish, we are living on the 3rd floor so it's not that bad, not too much of a trouble.

28 August 2015

They Finally Processed My Wife's Hospital Bill

Today I received an email from NUH staff, he told me my wife's bill has been processed so I login to CPF and indeed they deducted the amount, finally I can submit my claim soon.

Anyway they deducted $5,519.04, the staff said I should receive the bill around 3 days time, so in total hospital bill for wife and baby is $6473.47, all deducted from Medisave, no need to pay cash.

27 August 2015

More Help for Parents!

Government giving out money to parents again, now they increased the baby bonus from $6000 to $8000, babies born from 01 Jan 2015 onwards are eligible.

That means I will have $2000 spending money, because I will deposit the first $6000 into baby's CDA, that's great, this will really help a lot to defray our expenses, but actually for me I find that having baby don't really spend that much, my wife is fully breastfeeding so we don't even buy milk powder at all, only a lot of diapers, wet tissue, baby stuff, those don't really cost that much, but if have one more baby then I think will get difficult, for us we happy with one, especially since this one didn't come by easy haha.

Anyway you can see following picture for the details, happy parenting!

See www.heybaby.sg for details

Home-made Rattle for Baby

Recently I bought one of the Wrigley's double-mint sugar-free mints, it comes in a tin casing and when I shake it will make noise. Just now baby was crying so I tried shaking in front of her, she stopped crying! Since it works so well, I don't think I need to buy those expensive rattle, one of those costs $6-$10 or more, this mint tin only cost me $2 and comes with 35 mints lol.

26 August 2015

Singapore General Election 2015

Today heard about it from my colleague so I went to read up more, the election is to be held on 11 Sep 2015, it's a Friday so that day has been declared a public holiday, also known as Polling Day, and 10 Sep 2015 is the cooling off day which means political parties are not allowed to do campaigning.

Personally I like Worker's Party, I like Mr. Low, he is a very powerful speaker, but their screw-ups left a very bad impression, anyway they won't be contesting in my area, my area is under Tanjong Pagar GRC, so far I know SingFirst will be contesting but regardless of who come, my vote will go to PAP, this SingFirst gives me the feeling that they don't have any respect for LKY at all, he just pass away and they come and contest, bunch of opportunists, I hope they lose all their deposits.

25 August 2015

Baby Now 3 Months Old

At 3 months I noticed that her neck strength seems to have improved, now she is able to turn her head and follow me when I move around her, she is also able to sit on my wife's lap with lesser support to her neck. She also seems to be trying to talk, but she's just talking in baby language, but responsive when my wife talks to her, like she will smile or just talk back.

She also seems to need to feed lesser but more in each session, this is good because it's much less tiring for my wife, nowadays baby can sleep through most of the nights, we need to wake up lesser and lesser so we end up having more rest.

Looking back, I'm glad we pushed on to have her even though the gynaes that we have seen advised against it, I think it would be very bad not to try, but for our case I did a lot of reading before we decided to push on, I know it is possible for women with my wife's condition to have children, just that we needed one doctor who is willing to try it out with us, so thanks to that heart doctor from NUH.

21 August 2015

Global Markets Tanking, Recession Coming?

Now my portfolio Mou Gan Tai (no eyes see) meaning don't want to see haha, $1300+ in the red, overall lost about $3700+, all previous earnings wiped out but it's all paper loss, now I wonder how low can it go. Today STI dived below 3000 points, last time it dived so low was in Feb 2014, I think something big coming, anyway better to tighten belt now and don't spend too much.

I think now just leave it and collect dividends, the dividends also not bad, overall about 6.79% annualised yield, still better than leaving it in bank. Too bad now no more cash to buy, the stocks are so cheap, it's like the STI Great Singapore Sale, good chance to pick up some, especially those dividend stocks.

Actually bigger concern is if recession really hits us, will companies be able to survive, I think Singapore is quite safe, even if we really get hit, our government can always step out to help, but those MNCs hard to say, if they cannot make it, they will just lay off staff or close shop here, lucky my company is a big local company so I'm not too worried, for those working in MNC, better to have some planning in case of retrenchment, best thing is to have savings that can last for a few months, at least if you are not working, you have something to fall back on.

Stay safe.

18 August 2015

Bomb Blast at Bangkok Erawan Shrine

It happened yesterday and today I realized it's the 4-faced Buddha shrine that I visited a few times, it's a very crowded place because a lot of tourists and locals like to visit. I saw a video and a yellow shirt man was there with a black backpack which contains the explosives and left it on a bench, that bench looks familiar, I think I have sat there before, anyway at that position a lot of people will get killed or gravely injured, impossible to react.

From the video some people were speaking in Thai, I assume they are the investigating officers, my wife said they mentioned that the bomber doesn't look like Thai, the guy looks Asian to me but I don't think it matters, what is sure is that guy is a criminal, a terrorist and should be hunted down asap.

I don't think he is one of those extremist Jihadist, their style is suicide bombing, this guy went in with a detonator, obviously he wanted to bomb the place from a safe distance, and obviously he is targeting foreigners because the shrine is always packed with tourists from around the world.

And as long as he is not arrested, I doubt people will want to go to Bangkok, who knows where the next bomb will go off, I don't think he is alone, must have others working with him.

16 August 2015

Bank Exec Misuse Consumer Credit Card


This bank exec really daring, customers came to him and wanted to cancel their credit cards and instead of cancelling, he used the cards to pay for his own entertainment and shopping! This guy is from DBS, how come the bank do not have stringent control, how come he can be allowed to take the cards out of the bank and then make purchases? Next time if I want to cancel my card, better to ensure the staff cut up the card in front of me, and I hope the judge sentence this scumbag the maximum and make sure he doesn't get to come out to cause more trouble.

13 August 2015

Went for the Up Your Service Course 100

It is a 2 days course from 9am to 6pm, today is my first day and of the many courses I went to, I think this one is not bad, most of the others I will feel like sleeping at the start but this one I felt like sleeping only after lunch lol, I think it is because it is a very engaging course as in the instructor will put everyone in groups and make us do meaningful group activities, those activities are very well designed to put you thinking from where you are coming from, be it IT, finance or whatever, and how you can apply what you learn to work.

Just one day into the course and I feel like I can start giving better service to people around me, one concept I find very interesting is every time we do something better than the norm for people, people will eventually start to take it as the norm, which means we can only try to always do even better or else we will lag behind, I think this is very challenging but not impossible, if I can really put it to work, I think it will help me a lot.

12 August 2015

Today STI Dropped 2.9%

The stocks that I bought all in red, phew, most earnings wiped out, but at least not in loss, sigh, I think will hold on for another one or two years lol, but at least I don't need to use the money so can afford to hold, and actually hold on for dividend also not bad, the 3 companies that I bought all not bad, ST Engineering, CDL Hospitality Trust and Cambridge Industrial Trust, I think long-term they can be very profitable but today good chance to buy in, so many stocks suddenly go down but no money to buy!

11 August 2015

Bought CoaguChek XS Meter for Wife

Earlier on the staff at NUH gave me the contact for their vendor who sells the device, today I contacted them and then went down to their office located at Aperia Tower 1 @ 8 Kallang Avenue (339509) and bought it at $1070 after GST. The box comes with the device, a lancet and a pack of needles.

The company name is Roche, seems like they are specialised in all sorts of medical devices like the diabetics test kit and etc.

Anyway I paid cash, they accept credit card and nets but cannot connect so I walked over to Lavendar MRT to withdraw cash, lucky not too far away, funny the building is so big and they don't have a POSB/DBS ATM.

CoaguCheck XS Meter

The purpose of this device is to measure the INR level of people who are on Warfarin and it didn't take me long to decide to buy, the convenience it brings is significant, I think maybe still cheaper than checking at polyclinic or hospital.

And before we can use this, we need to buy the test strip, see the white piece sticking out below, that's the one. One piece is $10.

So let's say we check at polyclinic, they require you to see doctor before they can check for you so have to pay doctor consultation too, one test costs:
  • Consultation for PR is $21.
  • INR test for PR is $9.40.
  • Bus to and fro is 2x$0.79=$1.58.
  • Total is $31.98.
  • Note that the pricing is based on the last time my wife visited the polyclinic in Nov 2014.
Let's say every month check once, one year will cost $383.76 and subjected to rising medical costs. And also have to consider the waiting time for bus, waiting time to see doctor, waiting time to check blood, and waiting time to go back to see doctor after blood test, one trip to and fro may take 3 to 4 hours depending on the crowd at the polyclinic, that's a lot of time wasted.

And if we check at NUH instead, no need to see doctor, just go and check blood, one test is $16, sometimes they may order another test which is $12, total can be $28, the transport to and fro is $20 for taxi, so total can be up to $48, like that even more expensive, but probably faster because no need to wait for doctor, but then have to wait to check blood, time cost probably 1.5 to 2.5 hours.

But with this test kit, one test takes less than 5 minutes, all in the comfort of our home, no travelling and I don't need to worry about my wife bringing the baby around, not easy for her as she is breastfeeding. I think for people who is on life-long Warfarin, this device can really make life so much easier, it can be considered a necessity.

09 August 2015

Proclamation of Singapore's Independence

I wonder what SG will be like if we didn't get kicked out.

07 August 2015

Celebrate Singapore's Golden Jubilee!

Today is the start of our super long weekend, holiday all the way until next Monday. I went online to search for "SG50 promotions" and there are a lot of discounts or freebies for Singaporeans and/or PR. Now I'm at a loss of where to go, I will take a look first, but I think during this holiday SG will be bustling with activities, I'm sure everywhere will be crowded, I think on 09 Aug will be especially crowded because of our National Day Parade, I believe the parade this year will be more spectacular than ever.

Going to bring wife and baby out and enjoy the holiday spirit!

05 August 2015

Baby Doing Great!

Today went to see the paediatrician and she told us baby is doing well, all the blood tests came back negative, liver and everything seems to have improved but she want to do one more test, I don't mind as long as we know baby is fine.

We also asked about her Hepatitis B vaccination, after baby was born, a few days later they did the Hep B dose 1 for her, supposed to do the dose 2 but polyclinic didn't do for her because her jaundice at that time was high, so today the doctor ordered the 6 in 1 vaccination which includes Hep B, also good la, all do one shot, but this one is not subsidized much so have to pay most of it, I don't mind as long as baby is protected.

We also bought a bottle of Dhamol, it's panadol for babies, one bottle only $0.70 after subsidy, I think outside sell around $2.50 or so, the nurse told us to get a bottle because after vaccination baby will have fever, so just now wife fed baby one dose of 2ml and baby seems to be feeling great now. I think every parent must have one bottle of this Dhamol at home, but make sure to follow the dosage instructions strictly, if in doubt always check with the pharmacist or doctor before giving. For us baby can only take 2ml every 8 hours, so every 24 hours maximum can take only 3 doses.

04 August 2015

NUH Billing Cock Up

Last post.

Today I called CPF board again, the lady told me to hold on while she check with the healthcare department, so after a while, she told me according the lady at healthcare, she say they didn't receive my claim from NUH! Wow, super shocking, and then she told me to inform NUH to resubmit, I so fed up I asked her can give me black and white to say they never receive and she say for phone enquiry everything is verbal only, anyway seems like it's NUH side cock up.

So I emailed NUH again and told the guy what the CPF lady told me, then he told me they resubmitted the claim on 28 Jul, what the fish, so now I say I want to complain, I demand him to tell me how come my wife discharged on 26 May, only on 10 Jun then they submit the claim, never mind, how come on 28 Jul resubmit, must be something cock up somewhere, worse thing is they waited more than one month to realize something cock up and then they resubmit, all the while I waiting like an idiot.

He also never tell me when I can receive the bill, and tell me to wait again, na beh, wait how long, one more month? 6 months? 1 year? From 26 May discharge until now already more than 2 months, don't they have any performance indicator, how can wait 2 months still never send out the bill, never collect payment is ok? Wah lau, if I never ask then how, who knows 1 year later still never collect payment and send out the bill.

02 August 2015

So Many Stupid Selfish Losers in Singapore

We didn't use to take the lift so much before the arrival of our baby, nowadays a lift is something quite necessary, especially when we have a pram, then all the ugly behaviour of people started getting worse, it was already quite bad all along, people here are generally selfish and want to be ahead of everyone, even if they walk slower they also can rush in front of you, or when our paths crossed they just rush to cut your path, just want to win, so pathetic.

This has happened several times already, just now when we were at Clementi Mall, we were waiting at the lift to go down to the basement, we came first, lift came, a family rushed in without letting us go first, the stupid auntie even had the cheek to smile at me, stupid bitch, I hope karma hits them hard soon. This kind of incident really ruin my mood, how can people be so fucking selfish, so fucking kia su, that family had a child, wonder how they teach that child, to always be kia su and rush to be the first?

Of course not everyone here is an asshole, we've met some nice people here too, especially those who have children and they know it's not easy going around with a pram and baby, some are very nice and helpful, but problem is there are probably only 1-2 of such people in every 10 we met, most are assholes, like when they see your pram they still bump into it, really feel like slapping their stupid faces.

There is really something wrong with the people here, the mentality, they don't put themselves in other people's shoes, they just think for themselves only, like when we went to Swensen's (yeah the one at Clementi Mall, stupid waiter warning) just now, we went with a pram, we told the waiter we wanted a corner table, he stared at me blankly for like 5 seconds, then randomly pointed me to an open table, what the fuck right, can't he fucking see we have a pram and a breastfeeding baby, really so dense? We walked out and headed to Fish and Co instead, the thought of having to pay service charge for this stupid waiter is ridiculous.