05 August 2015

Baby Doing Great!

Today went to see the paediatrician and she told us baby is doing well, all the blood tests came back negative, liver and everything seems to have improved but she want to do one more test, I don't mind as long as we know baby is fine.

We also asked about her Hepatitis B vaccination, after baby was born, a few days later they did the Hep B dose 1 for her, supposed to do the dose 2 but polyclinic didn't do for her because her jaundice at that time was high, so today the doctor ordered the 6 in 1 vaccination which includes Hep B, also good la, all do one shot, but this one is not subsidized much so have to pay most of it, I don't mind as long as baby is protected.

We also bought a bottle of Dhamol, it's panadol for babies, one bottle only $0.70 after subsidy, I think outside sell around $2.50 or so, the nurse told us to get a bottle because after vaccination baby will have fever, so just now wife fed baby one dose of 2ml and baby seems to be feeling great now. I think every parent must have one bottle of this Dhamol at home, but make sure to follow the dosage instructions strictly, if in doubt always check with the pharmacist or doctor before giving. For us baby can only take 2ml every 8 hours, so every 24 hours maximum can take only 3 doses.

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