25 August 2015

Baby Now 3 Months Old

At 3 months I noticed that her neck strength seems to have improved, now she is able to turn her head and follow me when I move around her, she is also able to sit on my wife's lap with lesser support to her neck. She also seems to be trying to talk, but she's just talking in baby language, but responsive when my wife talks to her, like she will smile or just talk back.

She also seems to need to feed lesser but more in each session, this is good because it's much less tiring for my wife, nowadays baby can sleep through most of the nights, we need to wake up lesser and lesser so we end up having more rest.

Looking back, I'm glad we pushed on to have her even though the gynaes that we have seen advised against it, I think it would be very bad not to try, but for our case I did a lot of reading before we decided to push on, I know it is possible for women with my wife's condition to have children, just that we needed one doctor who is willing to try it out with us, so thanks to that heart doctor from NUH.


ppcxdaii said...

Bro, you have my respects! All the best to you and your family.

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