16 August 2015

Bank Exec Misuse Consumer Credit Card


This bank exec really daring, customers came to him and wanted to cancel their credit cards and instead of cancelling, he used the cards to pay for his own entertainment and shopping! This guy is from DBS, how come the bank do not have stringent control, how come he can be allowed to take the cards out of the bank and then make purchases? Next time if I want to cancel my card, better to ensure the staff cut up the card in front of me, and I hope the judge sentence this scumbag the maximum and make sure he doesn't get to come out to cause more trouble.


ppcxdaii said...

Bro, I always cancelled my card by cutting into halves and send it back with the enclosed envelope (those credit card bills they send you, has a pre-paid envelope already).

Also make sure you cut away the security 3 digits code behind the card, which could be use if someone shopped online after getting your cut cards.

ppcxdaii said...
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marrythaigirlsingapore said...

I'm still holding on to my first credit card, however if I need to renew I sure follow to cut up myself, so dangerous man, if never check then money gone also don't know.