18 August 2015

Bomb Blast at Bangkok Erawan Shrine

It happened yesterday and today I realized it's the 4-faced Buddha shrine that I visited a few times, it's a very crowded place because a lot of tourists and locals like to visit. I saw a video and a yellow shirt man was there with a black backpack which contains the explosives and left it on a bench, that bench looks familiar, I think I have sat there before, anyway at that position a lot of people will get killed or gravely injured, impossible to react.

From the video some people were speaking in Thai, I assume they are the investigating officers, my wife said they mentioned that the bomber doesn't look like Thai, the guy looks Asian to me but I don't think it matters, what is sure is that guy is a criminal, a terrorist and should be hunted down asap.

I don't think he is one of those extremist Jihadist, their style is suicide bombing, this guy went in with a detonator, obviously he wanted to bomb the place from a safe distance, and obviously he is targeting foreigners because the shrine is always packed with tourists from around the world.

And as long as he is not arrested, I doubt people will want to go to Bangkok, who knows where the next bomb will go off, I don't think he is alone, must have others working with him.

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