21 August 2015

Global Markets Tanking, Recession Coming?

Now my portfolio Mou Gan Tai (no eyes see) meaning don't want to see haha, $1300+ in the red, overall lost about $3700+, all previous earnings wiped out but it's all paper loss, now I wonder how low can it go. Today STI dived below 3000 points, last time it dived so low was in Feb 2014, I think something big coming, anyway better to tighten belt now and don't spend too much.

I think now just leave it and collect dividends, the dividends also not bad, overall about 6.79% annualised yield, still better than leaving it in bank. Too bad now no more cash to buy, the stocks are so cheap, it's like the STI Great Singapore Sale, good chance to pick up some, especially those dividend stocks.

Actually bigger concern is if recession really hits us, will companies be able to survive, I think Singapore is quite safe, even if we really get hit, our government can always step out to help, but those MNCs hard to say, if they cannot make it, they will just lay off staff or close shop here, lucky my company is a big local company so I'm not too worried, for those working in MNC, better to have some planning in case of retrenchment, best thing is to have savings that can last for a few months, at least if you are not working, you have something to fall back on.

Stay safe.

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