27 August 2015

More Help for Parents!

Government giving out money to parents again, now they increased the baby bonus from $6000 to $8000, babies born from 01 Jan 2015 onwards are eligible.

That means I will have $2000 spending money, because I will deposit the first $6000 into baby's CDA, that's great, this will really help a lot to defray our expenses, but actually for me I find that having baby don't really spend that much, my wife is fully breastfeeding so we don't even buy milk powder at all, only a lot of diapers, wet tissue, baby stuff, those don't really cost that much, but if have one more baby then I think will get difficult, for us we happy with one, especially since this one didn't come by easy haha.

Anyway you can see following picture for the details, happy parenting!

See www.heybaby.sg for details

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