30 August 2015

Sealed My Rubbish Chute

I have stayed in my flat for slightly more than a year, recently the cockroach attacks have become more frequent and more irritating. Earlier this week my right cheek and right butt got bitten by a cockroach, it crawled onto my bed when I was sleeping, probably bit my face and butt first before moving to my neck, so when I felt something ticklish, I woke up and slapped my neck hard, I then went to open the lights, the ugly creature dropped dead to the floor, it was probably hanging onto my shirt. Then the following days I noticed red itchy spots on my cheek, same goes for my butt, it was so damn itchy. Those spots on my cheeks are gone now, but those on my butt is still there and is still itchy.

This is not the first time a cockroach invaded our sleeping area, my wife encountered once when she was sleeping, she felt something moving on her palm, she woke up and found a cockroach, I think that was before our baby arrived, so that should be quite a while back.

And yesterday night was the last straw, that little bastard moved into baby's sleeping area, my wife was breastfeeding and had she not notice, that bastard might have bitten our precious one, this is atrocious, I know I must do something more.

So yesterday night I didn't sleep much, I stayed awoke until 5am, went for a run, all the while thinking of how best to deal with this situation, I know baits don't work, it will stop them for a while but eventually they come back. Spray is on demand, they have to appear before you can get them so it's kind of pointless, anyway it doesn't destroy the nest which is the root cause, but then, how is it even possible to destroy the nest, they come from the rubbish chute. Then I got the idea, since they come from the rubbish chute, how about I seal it off lol, and so I did.

In the midst of sealing the chute, I swept out 4 or 5 dead cockroaches, they must have ate the baits and died there, the smell coming from the chute when I opened it was so bad I had to put on a mask, even with a mask the smelling was still very bad, so I held my breath and used plenty of tapes to seal it off. I also called my father and told him about the infestation, he said he will drop by later with a custom-made box and silicone to seal it off.

Now you might be wondering how we are going to throw our rubbish, we are living on the 3rd floor so it's not that bad, not too much of a trouble.


Anonymous said...

You can call town council and request them to fumigate the rubbish chute to get rid of the infestation. I called mine & they usually do it within few days. But before they start the fumigation you need to seal the chute as the cockroaches will scatter & escape thru any outlets along the chute.
Just a suggestion.

marrythaigirlsingapore said...

Thanks for sharing. My wife told me they do it monthly, but it doesn't seem to help in long-term, these little pests are so resilient! I think that's the disadvantage of staying low floor in old estates.

Anonymous said...

Shift house to new BTO.all the rubbish chute located outside flat.

marrythaigirlsingapore said...

Yeah, this old design is terrible, at least nowadays they put it outside the unit, the rubbish chute should never be inside the house!