02 August 2015

So Many Stupid Selfish Losers in Singapore

We didn't use to take the lift so much before the arrival of our baby, nowadays a lift is something quite necessary, especially when we have a pram, then all the ugly behaviour of people started getting worse, it was already quite bad all along, people here are generally selfish and want to be ahead of everyone, even if they walk slower they also can rush in front of you, or when our paths crossed they just rush to cut your path, just want to win, so pathetic.

This has happened several times already, just now when we were at Clementi Mall, we were waiting at the lift to go down to the basement, we came first, lift came, a family rushed in without letting us go first, the stupid auntie even had the cheek to smile at me, stupid bitch, I hope karma hits them hard soon. This kind of incident really ruin my mood, how can people be so fucking selfish, so fucking kia su, that family had a child, wonder how they teach that child, to always be kia su and rush to be the first?

Of course not everyone here is an asshole, we've met some nice people here too, especially those who have children and they know it's not easy going around with a pram and baby, some are very nice and helpful, but problem is there are probably only 1-2 of such people in every 10 we met, most are assholes, like when they see your pram they still bump into it, really feel like slapping their stupid faces.

There is really something wrong with the people here, the mentality, they don't put themselves in other people's shoes, they just think for themselves only, like when we went to Swensen's (yeah the one at Clementi Mall, stupid waiter warning) just now, we went with a pram, we told the waiter we wanted a corner table, he stared at me blankly for like 5 seconds, then randomly pointed me to an open table, what the fuck right, can't he fucking see we have a pram and a breastfeeding baby, really so dense? We walked out and headed to Fish and Co instead, the thought of having to pay service charge for this stupid waiter is ridiculous.


mr lee said...

Why do you think the majority of people are like this? Societal conditioning?

marrythaigirlsingapore said...

Then it can only get worse if everyone continue to show disregard for others, I think we should all try to be nicer, we need everyone to work together to be nice.