28 September 2015

Planning Thailand Trip in December 2015

Wife say she wants to visit home for the new year, I don't think have enough leave left because all spent on baby and wife appointments, but just nice government announced an additional week of paternity leave, so can use to visit home with wife.

She thinking of going on 30 Dec, I can clear the paternity leave in block leave but if block means can only clear 5 work days because I'm working on 5 days work week so that means can go on leave until 06 Jan because 01 Jan is New Year so that day is holiday, so one extra day.

So now have to do baby's passport first before we book plane ticket, this time I thinking of bringing my parents along, been a while since they met wife's family, also good chance for them to travel, they getting old so I want to let them enjoy as much as I can provide for them, so of course I will be paying their tickets, and hopefully can have enough budget to also pay for their hotel stay.

Initially wanted to go Udon Thani then go Phuket, but looking at recent earth quakes, I think better not, so probably just go to Udon, then come back to Bangkok, hopefully no more bombing, at least the suspects have been caught so not so scared now. If I go alone I don't worry so much, but if go with family then have to be extra careful.

26 September 2015

Brought Baby to Polyclinic for Vaccination

Baby is now 4 months and 6 days old, so today we brought her to polyclinic to do her vaccination, we choose the 5-in-1 vaccine and opted for the pneumococcal vaccination. The 5-in-1 is free for citizens and the pneumococcal vaccine is $150 but can pay by Medisave, still have to do 2 more times which means have to pay $300 more. Personally I believe in prevention is better than cure so this kind of money I am willing to spend, the nurse told me can cover her up to 7 years old so it is very worth it.

And today baby weighs more than 7KG, she grows so fast, I think soon she will be able to walk, I am looking forward to it!

24 September 2015

Received My Third Adsense Payment

Last payment.

This time they paid me S$178.89 on 23 Sep 2015, bringing the total for this year to S$334.48, not bad, good pocket money for casual blogging.

And thanks to my visitors for the support, really appreciate it!

Public Holiday Stay Home Thanks to Indonesia

Today the PSI reading at 12PM is 173-216 overall in Singapore, and today is a public holiday, I guess everybody will be staying home, actually wanted to bring wife and baby out to enjoy the day but looking at the haze can forget it, so I went to Sheng Siong to buy groceries and cook instead.

So on my way to SS, so little people outside, usually on a public holiday it will be very crowded almost anywhere, today so quiet but SS is packed, everybody go in to enjoy the aircon, I saw so many aunties never buy anything just go inside walk and stand around chatting, and some people never buy anything or buy much just push the shopping trolley around.

Anyway this Indonesia really cannot make it, their leadership is completely hopeless, it's been decades since the haze started and they still can't solve the haze problem, how long more do they need? This is what happens when you put useless people in charge, no matter how much authority they have, or how much resources they have, they simply cannot deliver. The burning happens in their country and they can't stop it, what a joke. And where's the company name list? I thought since 2013 they say want to give us, until now we still don't know who are the culprits, another big joke. And best part is the haze is also affecting their own people, and it doesn't seem to bother them at all.

Baby Given Open Date Appointment

Yesterday we went to see the paediatrician, he examined baby and commented that she looks very good, indeed she is very healthy and no major illness so far, can't tell that she has a hole in her heart, doctor also can't detect any murmur, I was surprised because I thought usually people with hole in heart have murmur, or maybe she is still small.

Anyway, given that baby is healthy, the doctor gave us an open date appointment, which means within one year if we need to see him then we book an appointment, otherwise no need to see him, that's great, I doubt we will need to see him again, anyway baby jaundice by now should be normal already so all is good.

And I want to tell you guys, while we were at NUH, we dropped by the new building i.e. the Medical Centre, there is a bakery named Dora Keiki, I bought the Png Kueh, one packet I forgot how much, damn sucks, do not buy the Png Kueh, it's so rubbery and taste like it's been on the shelf for a long time, really taste like some failed home experiment, I took one bite and spat it out and threw the whole packet away. Then I went home and research on the brand name, it belongs to Bakery Cuisine and it seems like quite a big company and for such a big company how can they sell this kind of failed experiment product, some more not cheap, I think one packet is $3 or $4, I don't have the receipt so I'm not sure but it's definitely not cheap, one packet have only 3 pieces, this company really terrible, I'm never going to buy from them again,

21 September 2015

Medishield Life: Serious Pre-existing Conditions Requiring Additional Premiums


Broad categories of serious pre-existing conditions

Looking at the list I am not immediately sure whether my wife and baby will be subjected to additional premium, but I am prepared to pay more if need be.

My wife has a prosthetic aortic valve, it's not giving her any problem and is well-maintained by her daily intake of Warfarin and Aspirin. However her cardiologist is keen on replacing with a larger one for her, her current one is a bit narrow but she's doing fine with it, in the end it's up to her whether to replace or not but I am siding with her cardiologist on this, operation is best done when she is young.

My daughter has atrial septal defect which according to her paediatric cardiologist is not very serious, it would probably mend by itself when she gets older but even if it doesn't mend, intervention is only required when she is one year old, have to see how and follow-up closely with the doctor, but so far baby is doing great, she seems very healthy and active, if I tell people she has heart issue I don't think people will believe.

So looking at their cases, I'm thinking probably don't need additional premium, but see how, wait for the letter from CPF Board.

20 September 2015

Saved Money Today!

Yesterday I went to Sheng Siong and bought some groceries to cook for today, it all costed slightly over $20, can serve 4 person, which means me and wife can eat 2 times so today no need to buy any other food, just eat pasta. It's true that one can save money by cooking at home, you can eat more than once, furthermore the gas doesn't cost much. We change our gas every 3 months, let's say 1 month is $10, so one day about $0.33.

  • $5.25 - pasta sauce
  • $3.45 - white button mushroom
  • $2.95 - cheese hot dog
  • $2.51 - minced pork
  • $4.15 - feta cheese
  • $1.95 - pasta
Total $20.26.

The same meal would probably cost me $30 outside including the GST and service charge, eating out is very expensive, nowadays one packet of economical rice can also cost $4 to $5 even without any seafood.

18 September 2015

Found Another Use for Pram

When baby keeps crying or always want us to carry her, I tried leaving her on the pram and move it back and forth, she calmed down soon after! It's also good to put her to sleep, she seems to like sleeping in it as long as I keep it moving, so after she falls asleep, I can go do something else haha.

Never regret buying this pram, so damn useful, multi-purpose lol.

16 September 2015

Baby Jaundice 25!

Finally her jaundice is now at low level, the target should be below 10, but 25 is good enough, her liver test also came back ok, we are to see doctor in 2 months time to run the liver test again, jaundice no need.

This time during blood test she also seem to be less distressed, of course she still cried very loudly but today she didn't look that bad after the blood test, last time she cried until she looked so tired.

I'm so glad and so thankful.

Update 19 Sep 2015: Forgot to mention baby was 6.5KG on 16 Sep, great improvement!

13 September 2015

My Thoughts after GE2015

The results are mostly in line with my personal forecast, except that the Worker's Party managed to retain Aljunied GRC, I was expecting them to lose it, but since they won, albeit narrowly, I hope they will look past the mud-slinging (regardless of who is throwing who) and focus on how to manage the town council better. To me wrong means wrong, no way around it no matter how you argue, and I would like to see greater accountability and see them really taking ownership of the problems and deal with it swiftly, if everything had been done swift and sharp, I doubt anyone can say anything.

Even though the opposition suffered great defeat, that does not (and should not) invalidate whatever they have gathered from the ground, and whatever suggestions they have come up with should be consolidated and considered by the ruling party, as the saying goes, two heads better than one, I'm sure (and hope) they can find something useful, otherwise the existence of our opposition is very much questionable.

And even though Gerald Giam lost which was not surprising, I hope he can continue to serve as NCMP, during these years as NCMP, he spoke up on many close-to-heart issues, especially for people like us, I really appreciate the effort he has made to fight for citizen and foreigner couples, but actually he is fighting for everyone not just us, and if you haven't notice, nowadays government is focusing a lot on local workforce, homemakers, senior citizens, foreign spouses, not that they didn't care about local workforce before but there is greater emphasis now, Worker's Party did fight this one out in Parliament so have to give them credit.

There is also another Worker's Party candidate whom I think should stay and serve as NCMP, Lee Li Lian, she seems very sincere, humble, and approachable, although she lost but she didn't lose by too much, shows that she did her job well, otherwise I doubt she can get that many votes in the face of competition versus the strongest party in Singapore. Gerald Giam and Lee Li Lian are the kind of people that I wish to see more of in our political scene, it would be a loss for us if we don't send people like them to parliament.

Just realized that Lee Li Lian is not keen to take up the NCMP position, I know the salary is lower but not sure by how much so I googled and found that the NCMP gets only 15% of what an MP gets, so if an MP gets $15,000 a month, a NCMP gets $2,250 a month, it's not bad but for her credentials, she might as well get a full-time job which can pay better, and if she gets a full-time job, where would she have the time to serve the people, furthermore she has a young child to care for, can only say it's not easy for women with children.

And I don't think it's just about the money, NC means Non-Constituency, also means that NCMP does not serve any constituency, so basically NCMP cannot directly serve the people, can only raise issues in parliament, kind of a difficult job to hold for young people, unless you have passive income otherwise challenging to survive.

All Down with Cough

Now me, wife and baby all coughing, wife's most serious, me second, baby third. I googled and found that cough for baby usually not serious, I think she have some sort of viral infection, her immune system will probably be able to handle it, furthermore she is breastfeeding which somehow makes her stronger.

But with the haze our coughs can't get any better, so now safest is to stay home, I just looked at the sky, seems quite bad today, the 8am PSI shows 136 for west side, I hope the haze dissipates soon, wonder if Indonesia is still burning stuff, must be, this country is hopeless, every year you tell them, every year they commit the same mistake, for decades, how can you make the same mistake each year, over and over again? Ridiculous.

11 September 2015

GE2015 Sample Count Results

Didn't know there was something called "Sample Count", following is a description:

Sample Count

Basically it gives people a rough idea of the polling results for each area so people don't have to wait too long to know the results.

The sample count results don't look good for opposition forces, Worker's Party seems to have lost their Punggol East SMC with PAP winning 51%. As for the rest of the known results, PAP won every constituency except Hougang.

Now I'm waiting for Tanjong Pagar and Aljunied results, I think the rest no need to see, we all know which party will win.

Update1: Just noticed SDP Chee Soon Juan's A team was defeated at Holland-Bukit Timah with PAP winning 66%. Also noticed Han Hui Hui was defeated at Radin Mas, she only have 9% of votes, I think she will lose deposit, why in the world did she contest, who in their right mind will vote for her, apparently 9% of the voters in Radin Mas weren't in their right minds today.

Update2: Aljunied sample count results out, Worker's Party defended its position winning at 52%, very close, as expected, I was thinking they will do very badly but lucky for them they didn't lose the GRC, I hope they will do better in their next term, of all the opposition parties in Singapore, this party is the only one can make it, but they need to be more careful.

Update3: Mr. Chiam See Tong's wife Mdm. Lina Chiam was defeated at Potong Pasir with PAP winning 68%, somehow I feel sad because I have a lot of respect for Mr. Chiam, time really show no mercy.

Update4: Tanjong Pagar PAP wins 78%, was hoping that SingFirst lose their deposit.

Update5: They are announcing the actual results now but I won't bother to wait, the sample count is very accurate, now I can go to sleep knowing the country is still in good hands, very glad none of those useless opposition win any seat.

It's Voting Day!

The polling station is just 1 min walk away from my flat, so this morning around 10.30am I went to take a look, there was quite a long queue so I went home and relax, 30 minutes later I go down again and there was a shorter queue so I queued up. I didn't wait too long and it was my turn, I handed my polling card and identity card to a lady, she read out 4 numbers and gave me back my polling card and identity card, she also handed me the voting card, the whole process was very formal, she looked very serious.

So I went and cross out the PAP logo without any thought, dropped my vote into the box and went home. Then we went to have some good food, shopping and buy new shirt for baby, the baby dress so expensive, one set cost $24.90! We also bought some teething toy for baby, think she is going to grow teeth soon, nowadays she keeps salivating.

Then we took taxi home, there was barricade on the way to my home since my area is a polling station, the security told the taxi driver to stop and let us alight, we could have alighted downstairs our flat instead, basket make us walk farther than usual, doesn't make sense for them to block the road when the polling station is so far away, not as if the whole area is polling station, only the pavilion, don't know why they blocked the road.

09 September 2015

2 More Days to Polling Day

Somehow I am looking forward to voting lol, maybe because it's a rare event, and it's also the only chance in every few years to let the government know whether I'm happy or not.

Now that I think of it, this will be the 3rd time I will be voting in a general election, if include the last presidential election, then this will be the 4th time that I will be voting in Singapore. Let me see:

2006 General Election

I was staying in Tampines, the leader of the GRC was Mah Boh Tan, he was very popular that time, I was 23 years old, my first time voting in an election but I was not excited at all, that time I was busy working full-time and studying part-time so didn't care too much about such things, I simply voted for the most well-known party which was PAP, at that time it was the only party that I know of.

2011 General Election

Still staying in Tampines, that time I was married not too long ago, wife moved in to stay with my parents but eventually there was conflict so I started thinking of buying our own place, then I realized that Singapore housing price was so expensive, kind of shocking to know that resale flat was beyond my reach at that time, with the high COV and high resale price, and I cannot apply for BTO because wife does not have PR, so I was very fed-up with the government, especially Mah Boh Tan since he was the minister for national development.

So I thought I will vote for any opposition who comes to Tampines, that time was Goh Meng Seng from NSP, I voted for his party, in the end they lost which is expected but from the results, can tell that many people were unhappy with Mah Boh Tan, from 68.51% win in 2006 to 57.22% win in 2011.

2011 Presidential Election

I felt that this election was kind of pointless, why bother to run an election to vote for a president, I just anyhow vote, just vote for whoever I feel like voting, so I voted for Tan Kin Lian, in the end he lost, anyway I doubt anyone will make any difference, to me president is just a... erm... don't know, can only say general election is more meaningful.

2015 General Election

This time I have no major complain, I bought my resale flat, and I'm happy with my life, have a baby now, realized that government is doing a lot to help people with children, the baby bonus, free gifts, CDA top-up, paid leaves, subsidies, free vaccinations, I feel very well supported, so well that I feel that government may be doing too much, well if they can afford to then by all means go ahead but when I tell my foreign colleagues about the kind of help I am getting, they find it unbelievable, where else in the world will the government give you $6000 cash for one baby.

Another thing which I find very helpful is Medishield Life, this will help a lot of people, just in my family alone, it will help cover my mom who is suffering from diabetics, she is currently not covered, it will give additional coverage for my father who is on Medishield, it will cover my wife who has a prosthetic valve, she is currently not covered, it will cover my baby who has a hole in heart, she is currently covered by Medishield, basically it will give me peace of mind so I don't have to worry so much about my family. I don't mind paying the premiums as long as they can be covered. Personally I am very well covered since my company also covers me, furthermore I have my personal insurance so my family don't need to worry about my medical bills in case anything happen to me.

There's also the CHAS scheme, currently my parents are benefiting from it, so I don't have to worry so much about my mother's regular visit to polyclinic for her medications, currently she is not working, only father is working to support her, but so far they are doing fine, they don't even ask me for a single cent.

I am also happy with the IPPT changes, even though it came so late but at least it will make future generations' life easier, I still remember last time have to clear RT within 3 months, really what the hell, so busy with work still have to worry about RT, it was more punishing to servicemen than helpful.

Overall I think the ruling party did a good job, so this time I will vote for them, I hope they will continue to perform, and take in useful feedback.

07 September 2015

PAP Rally @ Commonwealth Ave

Just now when I was on my way home I noticed a lot of security and people at the big grass patch, there is a big stage and I saw PAP logo, so obviously they are doing a rally there. It was almost 7pm and already people were seated and waiting, several people were taking pictures with their handphone camera. I was thinking why not watch at home, nowadays we have live streaming, can watch on YouTube.

I also noticed the haze getting worse, this Indonesia say never listen.

06 September 2015

Wife's Bill for Delivery

Can check out this link for details.

So for 20 days of stay in C ward, the charges is $5411.04 after government subsidy plus $108 for A&E, total is $5,519.04. My wife was warded from 06 May to 26 May, actually we went to NUH on 05 May but no bed so we waited till very late and was warded at A&E, that's why there is the charge.

The bill without subsidy is $14,265.40, government subsidized $8854.36, about 62%, glad I choose C ward, if any higher I don't know how much I will have to pay, but please don't start getting worried when you see my wife's bill, she has heart condition so have to go in early to change her medication to prepare for the c-section, for normal natural/c-section deliveries I think less than a week can discharge, some people today deliver tomorrow can discharge.

If my wife is citizen, her final bill would probably be halved, so sometimes I don't understand why some people say government is not helping enough, what do these people expect, free healthcare

Well actually I find it okay to have free healthcare for people who really cannot afford it, especially the elderly, but for working people like me, I don't expect anything free, we are the energy that powers this nation, if we start getting lazy and expect government to give us everything, then this country is in very big trouble.

04 September 2015

$3000-$4000 Cannot Afford Housing in Singapore?

Just now I was watching the channel 8 news at 7pm, there was this guy from worker's party speaking, he was speaking in Hokkien, he was saying people here are not able to afford housing with $3000-$4000 salary and yet government claim that with $1000, one can afford housing. And he added that how can he not know the sums as he is a banker with 10 over years of experience.

I was wondering does this guy have any idea what he was saying, $3000-$4000 cannot afford housing? Then how did I buy my house? When I bought my house last year I was earning close to $4000, and I'm paying by myself, I didn't get a single cent from my parents, every single cent for the house I paid by myself, single income, as you all know my wife is not working. Maybe he was referring to condominium? But couldn't be right, if condominium is the benchmark for housing affordability then plenty of people cannot afford housing.

03 September 2015

Received Poll Card for Voting

The voting station is just below my HDB flat, so convenient, I think can bring wife and baby to take a look, and after voting can go window shopping!

01 September 2015

Finally Received My Wife's Hospital Bill

Yes! After almost 3 months, they finally sent me the bill lol wtf, now I'm going to submit to company for claims, it's quite a substantial amount that's why I kept chasing after them, if cannot claim then I won't even bother, they can take 1 year I also don't care.

Anyway will probably save that money for my wife, open a bank account for her, she has been bugging me to open one for her for a very long time.