09 September 2015

2 More Days to Polling Day

Somehow I am looking forward to voting lol, maybe because it's a rare event, and it's also the only chance in every few years to let the government know whether I'm happy or not.

Now that I think of it, this will be the 3rd time I will be voting in a general election, if include the last presidential election, then this will be the 4th time that I will be voting in Singapore. Let me see:

2006 General Election

I was staying in Tampines, the leader of the GRC was Mah Boh Tan, he was very popular that time, I was 23 years old, my first time voting in an election but I was not excited at all, that time I was busy working full-time and studying part-time so didn't care too much about such things, I simply voted for the most well-known party which was PAP, at that time it was the only party that I know of.

2011 General Election

Still staying in Tampines, that time I was married not too long ago, wife moved in to stay with my parents but eventually there was conflict so I started thinking of buying our own place, then I realized that Singapore housing price was so expensive, kind of shocking to know that resale flat was beyond my reach at that time, with the high COV and high resale price, and I cannot apply for BTO because wife does not have PR, so I was very fed-up with the government, especially Mah Boh Tan since he was the minister for national development.

So I thought I will vote for any opposition who comes to Tampines, that time was Goh Meng Seng from NSP, I voted for his party, in the end they lost which is expected but from the results, can tell that many people were unhappy with Mah Boh Tan, from 68.51% win in 2006 to 57.22% win in 2011.

2011 Presidential Election

I felt that this election was kind of pointless, why bother to run an election to vote for a president, I just anyhow vote, just vote for whoever I feel like voting, so I voted for Tan Kin Lian, in the end he lost, anyway I doubt anyone will make any difference, to me president is just a... erm... don't know, can only say general election is more meaningful.

2015 General Election

This time I have no major complain, I bought my resale flat, and I'm happy with my life, have a baby now, realized that government is doing a lot to help people with children, the baby bonus, free gifts, CDA top-up, paid leaves, subsidies, free vaccinations, I feel very well supported, so well that I feel that government may be doing too much, well if they can afford to then by all means go ahead but when I tell my foreign colleagues about the kind of help I am getting, they find it unbelievable, where else in the world will the government give you $6000 cash for one baby.

Another thing which I find very helpful is Medishield Life, this will help a lot of people, just in my family alone, it will help cover my mom who is suffering from diabetics, she is currently not covered, it will give additional coverage for my father who is on Medishield, it will cover my wife who has a prosthetic valve, she is currently not covered, it will cover my baby who has a hole in heart, she is currently covered by Medishield, basically it will give me peace of mind so I don't have to worry so much about my family. I don't mind paying the premiums as long as they can be covered. Personally I am very well covered since my company also covers me, furthermore I have my personal insurance so my family don't need to worry about my medical bills in case anything happen to me.

There's also the CHAS scheme, currently my parents are benefiting from it, so I don't have to worry so much about my mother's regular visit to polyclinic for her medications, currently she is not working, only father is working to support her, but so far they are doing fine, they don't even ask me for a single cent.

I am also happy with the IPPT changes, even though it came so late but at least it will make future generations' life easier, I still remember last time have to clear RT within 3 months, really what the hell, so busy with work still have to worry about RT, it was more punishing to servicemen than helpful.

Overall I think the ruling party did a good job, so this time I will vote for them, I hope they will continue to perform, and take in useful feedback.


TY said...

same as your thoughts will vote for PAP, just that wish to clarify .

Sg Govt policy is not the best but can see that they are improving during the last 4 years.

If in 2011 , I will vote for any opposition party. just that every time when there is an election I am in overseas for the past 4-5 election. This time ,I purposely returned home just to cast my support for the govt.

marrythaigirlsingapore said...

Glad to know there is like-minded people, I hope they continue to do their best, and welcome home!