04 September 2015

$3000-$4000 Cannot Afford Housing in Singapore?

Just now I was watching the channel 8 news at 7pm, there was this guy from worker's party speaking, he was speaking in Hokkien, he was saying people here are not able to afford housing with $3000-$4000 salary and yet government claim that with $1000, one can afford housing. And he added that how can he not know the sums as he is a banker with 10 over years of experience.

I was wondering does this guy have any idea what he was saying, $3000-$4000 cannot afford housing? Then how did I buy my house? When I bought my house last year I was earning close to $4000, and I'm paying by myself, I didn't get a single cent from my parents, every single cent for the house I paid by myself, single income, as you all know my wife is not working. Maybe he was referring to condominium? But couldn't be right, if condominium is the benchmark for housing affordability then plenty of people cannot afford housing.


Anonymous said...

maybe he's referring those wish to get a 4-room or above..
imagine those having 2 or 3 kids,
and parents wish to give the kids their own space of privacy..

marrythaigirlsingapore said...

Maybe, I bought house first before having baby, then again one baby doesn't really spend much, but 2-3 then much more difficult.

mr lee said...

It really depends on what is your benchmark in what are the norms no? In most developed countries owning a house and car are the benchmarks for averages but in Singapore it may be seen as a privilege or luxury. If the country is to aspire to compete on a global scale then it has to set similar benchmarks globally. You can't just pick and choose the sectors you want and say ha we are number 1 in this when something else is in shambles.