24 September 2015

Baby Given Open Date Appointment

Yesterday we went to see the paediatrician, he examined baby and commented that she looks very good, indeed she is very healthy and no major illness so far, can't tell that she has a hole in her heart, doctor also can't detect any murmur, I was surprised because I thought usually people with hole in heart have murmur, or maybe she is still small.

Anyway, given that baby is healthy, the doctor gave us an open date appointment, which means within one year if we need to see him then we book an appointment, otherwise no need to see him, that's great, I doubt we will need to see him again, anyway baby jaundice by now should be normal already so all is good.

And I want to tell you guys, while we were at NUH, we dropped by the new building i.e. the Medical Centre, there is a bakery named Dora Keiki, I bought the Png Kueh, one packet I forgot how much, damn sucks, do not buy the Png Kueh, it's so rubbery and taste like it's been on the shelf for a long time, really taste like some failed home experiment, I took one bite and spat it out and threw the whole packet away. Then I went home and research on the brand name, it belongs to Bakery Cuisine and it seems like quite a big company and for such a big company how can they sell this kind of failed experiment product, some more not cheap, I think one packet is $3 or $4, I don't have the receipt so I'm not sure but it's definitely not cheap, one packet have only 3 pieces, this company really terrible, I'm never going to buy from them again,

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